Course 7 – Lead Resell

A complete understanding and knowledge of Wholetailing, Assigning, Wholesaling, Rehab Flipping and Multiple Listing Service resell strategies. Understanding where the “Money” will come from is as important as knowing how to make lead generation run effertlessly.

Module 7.1

Wholetailing for Massive Profits


You too can realize profits from Wholetailing properties for massive profits. Our approach is simplified and eliminates all unnecessary steps so that you can go from discovery to profits in a fraction of the time.

Module 7.2

Rehab Flipping


This course module will walk you through the ins and outs of Rehab flipping. Whether you are experienced or not, this course module will steer you clear of common mistakes that can cost you your profits.

Module 7.3



You need to see Wholesaling from a different perspective, our prospective. If you want to discover massive profits in Wholesaling, this course module is for you.

Module 7.4



What could be simpler than Assigning? We have the answer to this within this course module on Assigning.

Module 7.5

Selling FSBO’er


If you have avoided this potential market for properties, avoid no longer. This Selling For-Sale-By-Owners course module will open up opportunities for profit that you can seize upon following our methods.

Module 7.6

Selling via MLS


Is selling over the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) a good idea? We are going to take this subject and teach and train you on how to best use the MLS, and also what to avoid when using the MLS.

Module 7.7

Passive Selling


The real question here is if you can understand the selling process? Is selling a series of creative manipulation techniques, or is it learned skills on how to effectively control the sales process, and to do so with qualified prospects?

Module 7.8

Lease Options


You too can earn massive profits through Lease Options. Mastering only one niche technique in Real Estate investing will allow you to earn great profits, however, this is not our intent, generating massive profits is.

Module 7.9

Always Be Selling


Perhaps you’ve heard this? “Where ere thou art, act well thy part”. We will demonstrate and teach you how this applies to you in generating massive profits with your real estate investing.