Course 5 – Lead Negotiation

Paramount importance. You will learn how to negotiate with your prospects with an on purpose dialog to discover and uncover a prospects motivation and ultimately contract for the highest profit returns. Learning negotiation is powerful and will create massive business success while also creating win win solutions for your prospect.


 Module 5.1

The Power Presentation

We are going to show you how to deliver powerful presentations that sell.

 Module 5.2

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming

There are subtleties in communication, the nuances of facial expressions, and the accompaniment of body movement with voice inflexion. Learn how to read these unspoken, yet clearly revealing means of communication.

 Module 5.3

Communication with Sellers in Person

You will be speaking with Sellers frequently, so learn to speak On-Purpose always. In this course we will be covering the art of communication from the massive investor’s perspective.

 Module 5.4

Communication with Prospects over the Telephone

While today is the age of the mobile entrepreneur, it also a day where much has been lost and forgotten with skills using the telephone.

 Module 5.5

How to use Embedded Commands

This technique is similar to the Star Wars Jedi Knight Mind trick! There is nothing magic here, just simple human engineering, and understanding exactly how we all function in these areas.

 Module 5.6

How to Pace a Prospect

Establishing a pace while working out is important for healthy physical conditioning. Likewise, pacing the prospect is important during the successful course of events that you as a professional should be directing.

 Module 5.7

How to Mimic a Prospect

To mimic a prospect is not synonymous with teasing. No, this is a technique that we will be teaching you that allows you to place your prospect in a much more comfortable position.

 Module 5.8

Positive and Negative Reinforcements

Through the art of practice, drill, and rehearse, you will internalize the principles this course teaches on positive and negative reinforcements.

 Module 5.10

Handling Negotiation Objections

There are objections to handle and there are objections to handle during your negotiation. We will uncover these critical areas that you will absolutely need to master.